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BCS Counselling and Hypnotherapy are proud to have a wealth of experience in the industry and in developing and delivering training courses, aimed both at practitioners and at people who are interested in the subject, through the year we host and run both online and face to face one day training events, allowing you to gain the much needed continued professional development and gai skills in a lot of different areas. 

Below is our growing list of training days, so if one interests you, feel free to book following the link or send us a message to find out more 

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Thought reform and cognitive dissonance in micro cults 

Before taking up his Doctoral Candidature in Psychology, Dexter formed and ran a national charity organisation focussing on locating and recovering young and/or vulnerable individuals from totalitarian groups. Today, as a therapist and researcher, he now specialises in supporting individuals under the influence of thought-reform at all levels. His CPD courses aim to better inform those working with victims of such control whether from large organisations to family units and micro-cults.

Toby is a experienced and passionate tutor and counsellor with a particular enjoyment of Freudian theory. This CPD is aimed at anyone looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of this fascinating approach, using a combination of theoretical discussion and case studies, we aim to help you have a firm grasp of this approach and how we can use it in modern counselling

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