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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully powerful way of working toward the goals you would like to reach whether it be to free yourself from the grip of anxiety or depressive thoughts, to manage your weight or to conquer your fear of flying! 

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

Each hourly session is guided by you.

What I will offer is a safe place that is:

  • Friendly 

  • Comfortable

  • Non-judgmental

  • Open

  • Honest

  • Confidential   

  • Working toward your best interests                                                             

  • Empowering you

In the first session, we will meet either in person or online and we will talk about the challenges that you are facing and the goals you would like to achieve. We will then have a chat about how the brain works and why you are feeling the way that you do. For many of my past clients this is the first time that they can begin to understand their own thoughts and feelings and to understand that they are natural processes that were useful to us at one point in our lives, but no longer serve a purpose.

In the first session, I will also give you an MP3 recording to listen to after the session. This will start the process working and get you used to the sound of my voice.

The ‘Hypno’ part of the session is something that people sometimes worry about. I don’t have a swinging watch, wear a sparkly waistcoat… I won’t make you cluck like a chicken or do anything against your will. I’ll simply talk to you… it’s a bit like being told a story when you were little… and you’ll drift off into a state of relaxed concentration.  The closest analogy I can make is that it is like being in a daydream…  or lost in a stare! You know where you are, but your mind is able to wander and solve problems in a way which it can’t when you’re feeling anxious.

In each follow-up session we will spend the first part of our time together talking, I’ll ask you questions and together we look at what successes you’ve had during the week, talk through any challenges you’ve faced and look to the week ahead and plan for your successes. The second part of the session you’ll be in hypnosis to cement the work from our talking.

How often do I need to visit?

Some clients will visit weekly, others every few weeks and some monthly. We work quickly and you are in control of how many times and how often you would like to see me.

We work quickly, and you will never have more sessions than you need.

The ending of the sessions is guided by you. There will be a gradual ending so that you feel empowered and ready to move forward in a space that is right for you.

Next steps and cost

£50 per session offer face to face or video sessions for hypnotherapy, we are also able to come to you in your home, so you are in your comfort zone. Sessions are approximately 60 minutes depending on what you are here to achieve. Contact us for more information