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Exam Results..... its ok!

It’s that time of year… exam results!

To those of you who got the results you wanted and hoped for soooo many congratulations. Well done!!!

This post though is for those of you who maybe didn’t achieve what you were hoping to… it’s a bit of a long one…. But stick with it!

You might be feeling pretty down? Let me say that it’s ok to feel like that for a while, it’s natural to be upset if you didn’t get the grades you were hoping for.

There’ll be lots of people trying to cheer you up and you might not feel like it… but if you have those people around you, remember you have people who care about you!

What I’m about to say I don’t say because I know exactly how you feel, because I don’t know exactly how you feel… but maybe just to remind you that there is hope…?

When I took my a-levels I failed miserably!

I had a very difficult few years mentally, and in all but 1 of my exams I absolutely bombed (and even in the one I did ok in it wasn’t what I’d hoped)

It was tough. I felt like giving up and I did for a little while…. It took some time… but eventually I realised that yes, I’d had a bit of a bad run, but my exams were only a very small part of what makes me, me!

Exams are not the ‘be all and end all’….

Looking at the team at BCS everyone has had different experiences of education. Some have come to the team through the academic route, others have come through a vocational route, and yet all are absolutely amazing therapists who are at the top of their game!

It’s the same in nearly every field you can think of…

Look at …

Richard Branson who dropped out of school when he was 16 and started his first company. He's now one of the most recognisable businessmen in the world with a net-worth of over $4 billion.

Simon Cowell who left school with only 1 GCSE but after working his way up from the very bottom of a music company, he became one of the most successful in his industry.

Jon Snow only passed one of his A levels, but is now one of the most successful TV journalists in the UK.

Stephen Spielberg was rejected from film school, but persevered and is now one of the most successful directors in film history.

Even if the academic qualifications are important to your dream career, you can resit.

What I am saying is that there are always options. I even ended up as a teacher - teaching hypnotherapy and counselling skills at Cardiff University!

Just never give up. Yes it’s hard now, but it’s only a temporary setback! Your exam results do not define who you are or who you will become.

Thinking of you and the wonderful things you’ll do!


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